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Created By: Nifty
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We are young creatives who have a passion for creating cool designs on clothing and apparel.

We are currently are working with local and international vendors and hope to have everything locally made. Made by and in Saudi.




Yeje is word used in colloquial Arabic which stands for “good” or “agree,” usually mentioned in various forms to express approval, or acceptance.



This is the first design created by a young saudi 2nd grade student who inspired us on spreading peace and love. This is Yeje branded as a seal of approval.




Using a well known design, with a local touch. Express yourself, and represent your country.




Using a well known design, with a local touch. Express yourself, and represent your city JEDDAH.



Over the next coming months, we will be working hard on putting our strategy together, and have some a clear path to our next chapter in development… We need your support so we can have a proper set up and buy our first state of the art printer



Delivery date will be March 15,2017 

Our Aim is to get your support so we can be able to recruit local creative talent to the team, as well as purchase better quality printers, and raw materials so we can be fully independent and start spreading positive local vibes to the world.


Support us, buy a shirt, or two… spread the word….






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Early bird special: Straight out of Jeddah $30
- $
Straight out of Jeddah T-shirts, designed in-house. Get your famously labeled shirt and rep your city. only $50 per shirt
2 out of 10 remaining
2 for price of 1 : Straight out of Saudi +random design $45
- $
Straight out of Saudi + an addition random design that we know you will love.
10 out of 10 remaining
Chill your mangos $35
- $
Spread love and positivity. Tell everyone to relax, and chill your mango. روق المنقا
5 out of 5 remaining
Bundle Special: get four of the designs $150
- $
Get all 4 shirts with this great offer - four shirts for the price of three
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Specialty package $200
- $
All designs total of 5 shirts (5th is special bonus) and a personalized signed postcard from the team.
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