So How are you different than your typical crowd funding platforms?

Well, we are not, we just do things in simple formats.

Since our objective is to purely help empower creative entrepreneurs, and specifically in areas supporting the creative industries.

Our mode of financial support will come from the crowd in form of pre-orders on your creation or innovation.

In legal terms, it is also considered as Istisna`a. (islamic mode of financing)

The word Istisna`a is derived from the word Sana’a which literally means “making,
manufacturing or constructing something.

What happens if the campaign fails, or does not deliver on promise?

Well, nothing is 100%. However, If the campaign fails to achieve it targeted goal, then all payments (pre-orders) will be returned back. If the campaign succeeds, and they still fail to comply with their agreed timeline. Then, We will mitigate and try to resolve it on case by case matter.

However, just for reassurance, we do not allow anyone to register any projects, without working with them closely, and doing due diligence to prevent any type of fraudulent accounts.

Well, I have a really cool idea, but I don’t know where to start?

That’s simple. Register, fill out the forms and tell us your story. Then, we will reach out to you to help you build up your story and ensure a great campaign.

How long can I post my project?

Normally, campaigns can run anywhere between few weeks, to several months, depending on project (excluding the actual development of your product); however It is entirely up to you. But, rule of thumb, to short, then people might miss out. Too long, and well then there isn’t much of a necessity.

Successful campaigns around the world usually run anywhere between 30days to 90 days max.

but we will leave the choice to be yours.

What if I fail to achieve the target? what next?

That’s ok. It is not the end of the world. The idea to to get as much feedback from your targeted audience to be able to fix or enhance your product/project.

The idea is to gain insight, and build traction so that you never build on what the market doesn’t want.

(we know, it sucks, but customers are always … well you know)

Alright, we get it… So what how much do you charge?

Well, considering that we help in setting up your page, provide the channels in marketing your product, providing you access to a crowd of potential consumers and fanbase. We charge you ZERO for set up.

We only make money, only if you make money.

We work on an All or nothing model. So if you are looking to raise $10,000 and have only raised $9,000 by the end of your 30 day campaign, you will not receive any funds and your backers will have their money sent back. (tough luck) – thats why it is critical to plan our your campaign.

However once you hit your target, or overachieve your target, then we only take a small transaction fee of 5%. (you win, we win)

We will be introducing other flexible funding models soon, no worries, this is just the beginning.