Beemkan translates to “It’s Possible”. We believe that in today’s age it’s possible for all great ideas to come to life, which is why we’ve created this platform. Beemkan allows anyone the chance to prove to the world why his or her idea deserves to be invested in. Why the world would be better off with their project. And how their project would contribute to the world.

Beemkan is a powerful tool that was created with the purpose of providing the Kingdom with the most convenient way to fund creative ideas. It is a bridge that connects creators and investors to create possibilities.

No matter how small or big, how simple or complex, how attainable or far fetched an idea may seem… We like to think it’s possible.

We aim to make Beemkan more than a crowd funding platform. The secondary purpose of Beemkan is to offer a review system for ideas. When an idea is posted on Beemkan, it is greeted with support and feedback from industry leaders who have extensive knowledge and experience. In the end, Beemkan is a community of entrepreneurs and inventors with the goal of bringing ideas to life.

Build it … Test it … Launch it…